Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Oh darn it!

It had to happen sooner or later; I went up to Charing Cross Hospital yesterday and it's clear that my medication is failing. I got 19 amazing months out of it - everything else together only gave me two years and they were two years full of side effects, failing meds and problems.

I'm back in September and likely to start Chemotherapy then or, if I'm lucky, in October.

My immediate reaction would have been to jump on the first available plane to somewhere exciting. Unfortunately, the Home Office has seized Robyn's passport because we are appealing their decision to refuse to extend her visa.

So that isn't happening.

Chemo won't 'cure' this, it will just win me a bit of time with a steadily collapsing quality of life. So these 5 weeks are going to have to earn their living.

This morning we're off to Tesco's.

Darn it!

Neil Harris
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