Saturday, 22 August 2015

The Fantastic Four.

We went to see 'The Fantastic Four' but I wasn't that impressed. I think the first three quarters were pretty good, the last a bit predictable.

Among the list of credits which was about as long as I have ever seen; Phillip Glass provided some of the music (space age modern classical electronica) and the great Stan Lee was executive producer.

If I really had to rate it I would say it was better than Terminator Genesys but far behind Ant-Man.

I suppose that's all down to how you use CGI - Ant-Man used it cleverly while Terminator and The Fantastic Four just kept throwing in more and more for the sake of it.

I was remembering how my Mum used to buy me DC and Marvel comics when I was young - until my Dad stopped me having them.

Back in those days, there was a colour cover and some colour inside pages but often there were black and white ones too. When I see old comics, they seem tame and often very poor....compared to today's Graphic Novels, Manga and CGI.

And I suppose what was so great about them, even though technically they weren't that good, is that people like Stan Lee were opening up the doors of our imaginations.

Now we are really looking forward to this;

I can't say that NWA was really my kind of stuff but in the early 1990's it's fair to say that my working life revolved around it - because it meant so much to the people I was representing.

We saw the trailers and it's looking really good.

I'm guessing my review will be a mixture of good and bad and I'm worried that the 'Hollywood Biopic' is going to gloss over some of the negatives.

But hey!

This is going to be a great film.

The main problem is that Robyn wants to see it in an empty cinema, preferably at 10 00 am while I'd like to see it at midnight with a wild audience.

We're going to have to work that one out, somehow.

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