Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A good scan.

Well, I had my scan and it didn't show any problems. Just as well that the weekend Doctor who wanted to 'pierce' my second kidney didn't get a chance to.

I wasn't going to let him.

The bleeding has (more or less) stopped as well.

I've got a couple of painful procedures to get through but if they go well I could be home on Thursday night.

I'm still a bit cynical about things being alright but we'll see.

In the meantime I've got the little matter of Chemotherapy to arrange as well, so I guess I'll be back at Charing Cross next week anyway.

Meanwhile, Robyn's got paperwork to sort out - we've both been completely stressed out about it although it's not something I can discuss on the net. I am so glad that's sorted now.

So that means she's not coming today......which is not good and tomorrow she has a funeral to go to - not mine!

But I'm missing her right now.

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