Saturday, 19 December 2015

A trip to London.

We had a treat!

Well, it was a grim week, we had to get out.

I'm not going to tell you what we did till tomorrow because I've got to wait for Robyn to send me her pictures but we had to go up to London;

We got off at Piccadilly Circus to walk up Regent Street and look at the Christmas lights and nose into the expensive shops along the way.

People were wearing Christmas pullovers and hats, there were office parties looking slightly embarrassed and lots of happy shoppers.

There was a photo shoot - hey it's London!

And I absolutely had to go to Carnaby Street which always has the best lights;

I wonder who this old MOD is in his Parka?

I was here in the 1960's and it was shabby and full of Hippy tat.

It's more cool these days even if it is a bit corporate;

We couldn't get a picture but there were three shops in a row that just sum me up - Levi's jeans, Ben Sherman shirts and Dr Martens shoes - that's all my shopping sorted out;

It's become a home for us MODS, which I don't think it ever really was in the old days. It certainly wasn't when I was young;

Then we went to Liberty's which has to be just the nicest shop in London, even if it's outrageously expensive.

It's a huge shame that the private venture capital company that now owns it has done away with the bay windows which used to be filled with the most wonderful displays but they still have the florist at the front door;

And a grand display in the atrium;

It's a product of the 19th century 'Arts and Crafts' movement which is not my thing but it's a fairy tale at Christmas.

Also it reminds me of 'The Slaviansky Bazaar' which was a Czarist era restaurant in Moscow which survived in all its glory until the Yeltsin age when it was burnt down in an argument between rival gangsters;

There were lots of decorations wherever we went;

And a quick visit to the most impressive pub in London - 'The Argyll Arms on Argyll street;

It was built as a convenient bar near 'The London Palladium' and it has a truly theatrical interior with private little drinking areas and ornate ceilings and glasswork.

No time for a drink though, we were short of time - we had an urgent appointment.

We still had time to take in Oxford Street, Robyn's bank and a walk through Soho though.

Oh, we also had a Burger King which Robyn really enjoyed;


Then we had to get off we had an appointment........more of that tomorrow.

I had a tough week, feeling fairly ill most of the time but today I was feeling good.

If I tell you that after our busy day and our exciting evening we went Christmas shopping at midnight you'll get an idea.

I think I'm paying for it now!

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