Monday, 28 December 2015

The Ankle Rankle.

I had an unexpected present this Christmas - my solicitor Anna Brothers sent me a copy of my medical file, which was very nice of her.

I hadn't applied for it myself because I didn't trust the Hospital - they'd already 'lost' the recording of my meeting with the head of Accident and Emergency.

I waited for the hospital to release the records to my lawyers.

So it's been a long time.

Here's my latest selfie;

As you can see, the bone on the left is broken and also twisted, which is a dislocation.

When I went back to hospital a week later I didn't believe the consultant who told me it was broken - I was told it was a sprain.

To shut me up he just showed me this X-ray, it was that obvious.

Now the question is whether the A and E consultant hadn't spotted this very obvious break or whether he did and just didn't want to put together the team needed to do the operation on a bank holiday.

I think he just couldn't be bothered - he thought I'd get an appointment the next day and the operation would happen then.

That didn't happen because there wasn't an appointment slot free for a week.

Now my problem with all this was that he had been employed as a highly paid 'consultant' for 9 months and if he couldn't spot a broken ankle by then he was never going to spot one.

Worse, the hospital hid what happened from me - it was only three months later that I was told the doctor had been a consultant.

A year later, after some detective work, I found out that he'd been allowed to go on practising for another three months until his contract ran out.

Then, they didn't renew it.

What else didn't he spot in that time?

Just for old times sake,  I can't resist reprinting the poem I wrote to explain what happened;

The Ankle Rankle.

I’ve got a problem

and it’s really starting to rankle.

You see, I hurt my leg

in fact, I broke my ankle.


The problem was my mistake

Oh what would that be?

The ambulance took my break

to St. Peter’s A and E.


Because instead of trying

to fix it there and then.

Some idiot, what was he was doing?

Sent me home again.


You can mess up a finger

You can bugger up a wrist

but only a consultant at St. Peter’s
would think a break was a twist

I couldn't let a whole year go past without printing that again now could I?

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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