Sunday, 13 December 2015

Our Christmas Wreath.

We have a hard week coming up.

Monday I can't talk about here but everyone who knows us knows that it's a life and death day.

Tuesday isn't much better - important scans to work out how far and how fast my cancer has spread.

Anyway we needed to be getting ready but this morning we started making our Christmas has to go on.

                                    The holly and the ivy,
                             When they are both full grown,
                             Of all the trees that are in the wood,
                             The holly bears the crown 
                             The rising of the sun
                             And the running of the deer,
                             The playing of the merry organ,
                             Sweet singing in the choir.

We have all the ingredients in the garden and here they are, to start with lots of Yew;

And here I am attempting to get it all together into shape;

I kept going until my back started to hurt and then Robyn took over.

Now I'm a country boy and this comes natural to me but Robyn is definitely a city girl.

She does not like insects at all;

I just love the raised little finger as she adds the ivy;

Then we put in the Holly;

These are pagan symbols of 'The Old Religions'. The Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe were sacred because they stayed green in the middle of winter when all the other leaves had fallen.

The wreath represents the 'Circle of Life' as winter makes way for spring.

By this time Robyn took over from me, she wasn't happy with my liberal use of string.

Also, there was a slight design fault. Some idiot forgot to check out the width of the front door when he started.... it didn't actually fit.

In fact it was big enough for a cathedral or perhaps it was the official kind of wreath a politician lays down, carried by a couple of soldiers.

We had to put it on a stand in the porch;

Here's the finished version, smelling of cinnamon and Christmas;

Wish us luck for Monday!

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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