Sunday, 6 December 2015

In fashionable Shoreditch.

Saturday morning we went up to fashionable Shoreditch in the old 'East End' just outside the City of London. We went down 'Curtain Street' which was named after the theatre Mr Burbage built there as a rival to The Globe at Southwark.

Both were very keen to put on Mr Shakespeare's new plays.

This was only the second day out of hospital but as the urologist said when I asked him how quickly I could get back to normal "Build up to it slowly".

We came out of Old Street station and up onto the streets. Behind us was 'The City' all high rise offices, 'Statement architecture' and cranes. In front, for a moment I thought I was back in the old East End of little workshops, warehouses and was an illusion.

Old Street Roundabout was what David Cameron wanted renamed 'Silicon roundabout' in a publicity stunt. It's an area with a big concentration of DotCom companies and it shows.

For a couple of streets it's all clubs and silly cafés that are very expensive but don't sell anything you'd want to eat.

Wherever you look people are posing and preening themselves.

There are lots of 'trendy' people here, The Hipsters.

A month or so ago, protestors attacked the 'Cereal Killer' café nearby. It glorified 'Jack the Ripper and was a target because there are also plans to open a ripper museum here too.

There are still some people who object to celebrating the brutal and sadistic murder of women.

Besides they only sold breakfast cereal, which sort of sums up the people who now flock here.
I think what it reminded me of most was those rooms that advertising agencies used to have - full of Pop Art and children's toys, where the 'creatives' went to brainstorm.

A romper room.

Anyway were on our way to an art gallery and I'll do that tomorrow.

Afterwards we couldn't settle on anywhere to eat so we hopped (staggered) back on the tube and headed to The Angel where Robyn remembered we could get Burritos with curry in them (why?) although it turned out they were big and filling, nice and not too expensive either.

I ran out of steam just after we went round a Christmas fair and at that point I just about made it back to the tube and a train back.

Despite a journey from one side of London to the other, a walk to where I left the car parked and a drive home, we were still back by 5 30pm - what a wimp I've become. 

Was I tired?

Oh yeah. But then again, Tuesday I have to get up to town and that's not going to be any fun at all.

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