Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Not a good day.

I'm having a really bad day - for a start the hospital Wi-Fi which prevents me from looking at anything good has just stopped me posting pictures on my Blog any more - Why?

It worked yesterday - I swear there's a grumpy man in a room cutting me off from whatever I want to do.


This morning the Junior Doctors foolishly called off their one day strike. For weeks Jeremy Hunt has said that 20,000 operations would be cancelled; now it looks like 3000 or 4000. Funny that.

For what? More negotiations that will get nowhere but Hunt will have time to side line the Junior Doctors.

Sadly, this was a chance to create a new atmosphere of unity and opposition within the NHS and it's been lost now.

Also Robyn was going to ferry me down to the Picket line!

Robyn's getting frazzled about how long this is going and when I'm coming home. She's worried and rightly so.

Sunday night, the blood that's coming out of the tube from my left kidney first started to thin out - that's three days of bleeding quite a lot.

"Still Blackcurrant" one of the nurses would say.

I'm waiting for a scan because my other 'good' kidney is now a worry.

So it's not a great time.

Although after 5 days they have agreed to open a window because the heating has been stuck full on in my room all the time.

Wish me luck.

Neil Harris
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