Monday, 16 May 2016


Last week, Robyn made me walk down to Ankerwycke - I used to go there often but these days it hurts - a lot.

Also, I haven't been there recently because a landowner fenced off a section to just leave a very narrow path between two fences. When people could avoid the muddy bits it was fine - stuck between the fences it turned into a mud bath and I couldn't walk on it any more.

That very day, volunteers had resurfaced  the path - so I had no more excuses.

It wasn't just that, I'm not free to do the things I used to do.

Still, Robyn blew Dandelion heads and made wishes;

It's that moment when all the dandelions are going to seed and the air is full of the 'fluffy stuff', which cries out early summer.

And the fields are still full of buttercups;

We walked as dusk was falling and the heat of the day was turning to cool as the sun set.

It's a time when anyone who has ever been camping thinks of - a beer in hand watching the sun go down as the scents of the day turn into night.

Wonderful time.

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