Sunday, 22 May 2016

Tottenham cake.

I'm making a cake;

A special cake just for me;

I'm making 'Tottenham Cake';

It's local to Tottenham in north London and was made by local Quakers who coloured the icing with fruit from the Mulberry tree in their meeting house grounds.

In 1901 when Tottenham Hotspur won the F.A.Cup for the first time, a local baker gave out Tottenham cakes to local kids and ever since then whenever Tottenham win something, everybody eats the cake to celebrate.

Well, this was just about the worst season ever - the team were in line to win any one of three competitions and came away with nothing.

Worse, in the last few matches of the season they gave away second place in the league to rivals Arsenal.

The sad thing is that the owners (a 'media conglomerate') probably think things went well. Next year the team is in the Champions league and you earn money just for being there.

Any fool knew that in the January transfer window they should have strengthened the team - they didn't.

We all know we'll be knocked out of the Champions league in the first round. If you think you can just improve on this year football doesn't work out like that.

The other teams don't stand still - they get better too.

When your chance comes you have to take it or it's gone forever.

I've supported Spurs since 1967, the days of Jimmy Greaves and Alan Gilzean, of Steve Perryman, of buying a standing ticket on the day at White hart Lane.

I had a blip in 1982 when I found my job required me to bribe customers with F.A. Cup Final tickets and Spurs were in that final.

I was so disgusted when I realised how corrupt football was (is) that I gave up on it for a while.

I also don't think £100 tickets are good value and I'm not good at booking 6 months ahead either.

But they were always my team.

So, because next season isn't something I'm going to be too bothered about I made myself a 'Tottenham cake' here and now.


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