Monday, 2 May 2016

Up on Dunstable Downs.

Robyn took me in hand today, I didn't want to go out but she forced me to drive for miles along a jammed up M25 on a Bank Holiday weekend.

And we saw this;

We went to the Downs at Dunstable and this is an air vent for the visitors centre which is about 100 yards away. It takes in air from the strong winds at the top of The Downs which then rushes along a tube to the centre and also provides oxygen for the woodchip boiler.

It also looks good.

We walked all the way along to the end!

 You can see for miles; 

All the way along the chalk escarpment;

Dozens of people were there to fly their kites (should have brought mine) while down below was a glider club.

Here's a plane taking off, dragging up a glider on its wire;

Looks like a lot of fun;

A whole lot of fun!

Although at times there seemed quite a few gliders up there.

While it was fairly cold out of the sun and there was a good wind blowing, they were finding it hard to stay up in the clouds for long.

There were some paragliders too;

But there really wasn't enough wind;

One had a go but couldn't get the updraft;

So we walked back to the car and had a very large ice cream.

And I had to admit that Robyn was right.

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