Saturday, 28 May 2016

CSI Hammersmith.

Well that was fun - up at 5 am catching a taxi and into Charing Cross Hospital at 6 45am.

Not the most exciting way to spend £50!

I eventually had my operation, which was rather routine and simple.

Except, when was over I spent the afternoon bleeding.

In fact, rather like that scene in The Godfather when the Hollywood Movie director wakes up and finds his beloved horses head at the bottom of his bed.

Except it was actually my blood and it wouldn't stop. Everything was soaked in it - even the blankets.

It looked like CSI Hammersmith.

Here's my gown;

An on call doctor eventually turned up at 640 pm to have a look when all the specialists had gone home. Faced with a choice of staying in over a bank holiday weekend when there wouldn't be anyone around who knew anything or going home.

I decided to bleed at home.

I needed transport and we ended up waiting all night - no food for either of us since lunchtime.

Worse, I couldn't even have made my own arrangements - there was an accident in Hammersmith and the roads were gridlocked until 11pm.

We got home at 1215 took 18 hours since we left home.

And no, you really don't want to know where the blood was coming from.

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