Friday, 20 May 2016

Robyn's making stuff.

Robyn's been busy;

There are ribbons involved;

She's making wedding invitations;

It was all going to be a lot more complicated but I got more ill and then The Home Office made us cancel, so we're going for simple now.

Right now, the venue is booked and we have somewhere for the reception.

The 'Wedding' will take place at 3pm on 28th June 2016 at Windsor Guildhall and you are all very much invited.

Apart from anything else there's plenty of room - so come along!  Everybody (apart from Theresa May) is welcome.

And if they won't let us get married?........ we'll be doing it ourselves.

The reception will be a smaller affair and you need an invite for that but at the moment there's a lot still to be arranged.

Meanwhile we spent most of yesterday up at Hospital again for my pre operation assessment - I'm having another operation next Friday. It's minor but unpleasant and it's not exactly what I needed right now.

Wish us luck!

Neil Harris
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