Friday, 12 May 2017

A taste of summer.

Well, I did make it to Hospital but it was really hard and didn't go so well either.

I didn't really get any sleep the night before but that meant there was no problem waking up in time and I did manage to get dressed and we got away on time too.

Unfortunately, I was feeling every bump in the road and by the time we were coming back I was screaming. Speed bumps were horrific.

My cancer is worse again although I'm going to get another month of chemotherapy before they decide what they are going to do.

My scan?

The results didn't come through in time which means I just have to wait another month. I'm a bit fed up about that - then again there isn't really anything much they can do about it anyway.

They just told me to take more painkillers which doesn't solve anything.

We hung around for two hours waiting for the result of my blood test to confirm I can go on with the chemo and by the end of it I was fairly washed out.

I drove off and went to my Doctors on the way back to pick up my prescription - I was running out of meds and only had a few days left.

It really hurt to get there.

Then I had to drive home and we went in to Tesco's to get the meds at the pharmacy - I walked all the way there and back which was quite some achievement for me.

That's why there's a photo of the fruit display - for two days we were able to gorge ourselves on free fruit; melons, pineapples, everything.

A taste of summer.

I got home and just wallowed in pain for the rest of the day - worse still Robyn couldn't go out to see a friend on Friday because I was just to ill to get her there or to deal with things here on my own.

On balance a really tough two days.

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