Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Day of 'firsts'.

Today Robyn had her first driving lesson - actually she's driven for years but not with what she insists on calling a 'stick-shift', whatever that is.

Also she has a tendency to drive on the wrong side of the road, although I keep telling her that I've never let things like that hold me back.

I've also made my first complaint to the BBC over their election coverage, not that that will get anywhere.

I watched the BBC local news with increasing annoyance as they were supposed to be reporting on the launch of the Labour Party Election manifesto from Dagenham.

They had three 'ordinary' members of the public giving their opinions - funnily all three had voted Labour and were now going to vote Tory. I don't believe them for a minute - this is a staunch Labour constituency and it's likely to be after the election too.

Until UKIP's vote collapsed, the BBC predicted they would win in constituencies like Dagenham. It never happened.

Ironically, it's a constituency that has a high proportion of young people and people from ethnic minorities, none of whom were represented on the panel which was made up of three embittered, middle aged white people. Neither were there any opinions that didn't rubbish Labour or Jeremy Corbyn.

This has been the standard for this election - the most biased reporting of any I've lived through.

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