Sunday, 29 December 2013

Andrew Deevey.

I said it had been a Beatles Christmas – a few days before I won a prize in the raffle at The Highs gig at The Sun in Englefield Green.

One of the CD’s was ‘While my (acoustic) guitar gently weeps’, and it’s by the lead guitar of The Highs – Andrew Deevey.


As you can see from the front cover, its got Beatles stamped all over it.


Here he is on acoustic guitar taken at the gig at The Sun. Andrew is a Liverpuddlian, and with a back cover featuring the Liver birds on top of The Liver Building, the album itself is a Beatles labour of love; 14 Beatles numbers played on unaccompanied acoustic guitar.

Back in the 1960’s, The Beatles were so big that everybody from Frank Sinatra, the band of The Grenadier Guards and The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra all brought out albums of Beatles songs. You could buy them in Jazz (ancient and modern) pub piano, choral or just plain silly. Anything to make a buck.

Those days are gone and this album is just a fan’s homage to the city and the sound. It’s a great performance and you can buy or download it from any of the music sites (CD is where the cover photo came from).

On a similar subject, yesterday I listened to a one off Elton John show on BBC Radio 2 – not him playing, I wouldn’t have tuned in for that.

This was two hours of a middle aged man going through his record collection, picking out some of the the best stuff and some of the more obscure stuff – it was a real treat. Soul, reggae, you name it.

From Motown to Anthea and Donna, a real Christmas treat. If you have broadband and a couple of hours to noodle away, you can catch it for a week on the BBC i-player.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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