Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tough Tuesday

Grumpy Monday gave way to a Tough Tuesday but then I had some good memories of last year when I started up this Blog; registering it in Café Nero then heading back home to think about it all.

In the end that evening I put a defiant message up – just so that there was no going back. It all seems a lifetime ago.

It came at the end of a frantic couple of days and a real feeling of elation. Within about a week and a half my medication started to fail although I wouldn’t find out about that until January.

It’s been a long downhill slope ever since then, a real struggle. Through it all I’ve used this Blog to keep my campaign going and to record the fun and laughter that should be a part of being ill, no matter how ill you are.

My Blog doesn’t begin to describe the problems I had over those 12 months, not least because it was never meant to be about having cancer. It’s also partly because some of the nightmares relate to someone I had to look after. It just wouldn’t be fair.

But I had so much fun too, and doing this Blog was always a big part of that. There was music and craic with people I would never have otherwise met if I’d gone on being well.

If you want to see the amateurish beginnings of the Blog you can take a look at ‘2012’ on the Archive which is on the right of the Blog and that will give you a list of those naïve December postings. They may be naïve but they are from the heart.

Anyway, Tuesday night I was about 10 minutes away from driving up to Brixton to see The SkaSouls doing their Uptown Top Rankin’ thing, when I realised it was just going to be too much for me.

At an hour and a half drive each way…. although I see that this venue does have some interesting nights coming up and I do know the area well….hmmmmm.

Instead this time I had an early(ish) night.

In fact I wasn’t just tired – I’ve been doing stuff for this campaign which I can’t deal with ‘on air’ and I was mentally exhausted too.

And when I get depressed like now?

I look at these figures;   9,606 hits     1,404 hits

                                                        Total:  11,010 hits

Isn’t that tremendous?

‘A Lotta Continua’ – The Struggle Continues.

And now I’m two days behind on this Blog. Look at it this way – I can see into the future!

Help me sort out St Peters

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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