Saturday, 21 December 2013

The SkaSouls Christmas Party at Mr Bumble's.

Friday night and I’ve got a cold, I’m not feeling great and a bit low after another really stressful week. I've either been depressing everybody I meet or losing it in spectacular fashion.

Now I’m preparing my relaxing new Blog, sorting out some rather fascinating hedge photos. I thought I might call it ‘’. (good pun?)

Eh, no I’m not. Of course I’m not. Monday’s going to be a depressing day for me and there’s no more time for moping about.

This afternoon I stumbled across an interesting lead for a story I’m going to research. I’ve had a lean spell recently and needed a bit of luck – I write some really, really  boring  interesting things for another place. I’m looking forward to some ferreting about on the net.


Have you any idea how much effort has gone into keeping me alive? How many disappointments there have been along the way? I’ve got to face it, I’ve been a very unrewarding patient for poor old Dr Feelgood.


there’s the money Dr Feelgood has conned out of successfully applied for from The Cancer Drug Fund. Obscenely large amounts of money that aren’t going to work for very long.

Hedges, indeed.

I said I wasn’t going out – too ill and I meant it.

Until 8-30 pm, that is. Then I shot out of the house, grabbing only a Porkpie hat, got on the motorway and headed off to Camberley/Blackwater to Mr Bumble to see;


The Skas0uls  
No the crowd got in the the way of that shot;

No that’s a bit tame, how about this;

No, that’s even tamer, how about this;

 No, still not enough action


 That’s better, that’s what a brass section should be like – can you work out who is where?

I had a great evening. It’s the friendliest, happiest, partyest, christmassyest pub I have ever been to.

I was moonstompin’ and skankin’. Uptown Top Rankin.

‘Rankin’ fooolstop’.

‘546 was my Number’.

‘Guns of Navaarone’.

Got kissed by three beautiful women and one man. Sadly, only the guy was sober. I seem to have danced with quite a number of people although some of them were only doing so to avoid dancing with the ‘incredible falling down man’ who took his shirt off when perhaps he shouldn’t have. And no, it wasn’t me – I only fall down in private.

I have decided that of all the cool records I have ever heard The Upsetter’s ‘Return of Django’ is the coolest record ever. Until I hear the next coolest record, that is.

Now it’s 1-20pm at night and I’ve just eaten a bacon sandwich, drank a pint of iced coke from my favourite Belgian beer glass (I am trying to be good, really) and my shirt is wringing wet through.

I think The Cancer Drug Fund can count this special night at Mr Bumble as a great success.

What a great night.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)


I’ve decided to go on another wasted tour  to forget about Monday – tomorrow it’s Modnight!



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