Friday, 6 December 2013

Walking the earth.

When I got ill there were so many things I wanted to do, so many dreams. Unfortunately, the opportunities just weren’t there. None of those things ever happened.

Instead, like the Samuel L. Jackson character in Pulp Fiction, I decided to just ‘walk the earth’. It worked out for me, I bumped into some wonderful times, by accident.

Good music, good Craic.

Wednesday was a bad day at hospital, I was completely stressed out by everything that was happening.
Too much stress and no solutions.

In the evening I took a chance and went down to The Barley Mow in Shepperton.

I’ve been there before for a spot of Rock N’ Roll or the Blues. But every Wednesday there is a Jazz night. I’ve only turned up once before – to see a band I’d heard of.

Tonight was a gamble – I don’t like 'traditional' or Dixieland jazz, I’m strictly modern. Once a month it goes ‘trad’ and like Russian Roulette, that’s a bullet I need to dodge.

In fact I had a great night, completely unexpected.

I was lucky, it was slow and smooth, which usually isn’t my thing – but this time it was just what I needed to chill out and calm down. And modern too.

‘Peter Davies and Friends’ were Pete Davies on Saxophone, fronting with Peter Cook on saxes too.

 Nigel Fox was doing some solid keyboard stuff, especially whenever he picked the button with  ‘Hammond’  on it and just let go.

Dave Richmond was on Bass and Malcolm Potter, who I’ve seen before in another band, was on drums.

It was a good night, a good scene. As I said, ‘walking the earth’.
And take a look at this;

Can't you just feel that vibe?

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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