Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sour Doh!

I’m a bit ashamed about my Blog yesterday (Bizarro World). It was a bit sour, but I have an excuse.

I’d spent the afternoon at the Hospital with my Mum, which was fairly gruelling, then I went shopping at the Tesco’s in Slough, which is huge. That was a bit too gruelling too. Too much walking all afternoon, too much stress.

So after an injection, a meal and a rest I headed off for some Friday night music. It was a long, long journey – far further than I’d normally go. Out to where the stars are brighter than the street lights, out where all the really rich people have gone to live – Marlow.

When I was a lad it was a small town/village on the Thames, nothing special, the kind of place you went for afternoon tea. Now – it’s all expensive shops; handmade this, organic that. There are shops selling things where they don’t bother to put what they are selling in the window. Resturants so expensive that they don’t need to advertise what they do.

Not a good place to pick up a take away meal. No bargains here.

However, I was heading for the far side of the town, The Cross Keys Pub . You know it doesn’t matter how rich a place is, there is always somewhere on the fringe where the fun is.

Unfortunately today, when I went in, the joint went silent. Tumbleweed started to tumble by. Pins dropped – at least I could hear them dropping but no one was picking them up.

The eight people around the Pool Table?

14 eyes turned to look at me. By the time I’d walked round twice, everyone was really suspicious of me.




Empty pub = Wrong day = No music.

Now I’ve got to decide whether I’m going to swallow my pride and slink back tomorrow.

The thing is, I’m a day late with the Blog so here’s the Q and A;

Did I stay or did I go?


If I went, was it

a) Great.

b) A waste of time.

c) Complicated.


Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)

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