Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Grumpy Monday.

Monday night, cold and miserable and being generally very grouchy saw me make it to my Jazz Club (another two very fine words) at The Red Lion, Isleworth. I was never really going to enjoy it but I had to be there.

The grumpiness was because Jim Mullen was playing jazz guitar and although he is much liked by everyone else, I’ve never really been able to get to grips with the guitar as a jazz instrument.

Dave Lewis, on the other hand is an American in exile who makes the saxophone exciting and vibrant and through the evening fought hard to play some Bop favourites with an element of discipline and style.


Dave Gorman, shoved into the back corner was also trying to keep the quartet on the same page – with help from Trevor Tomkins. His electric organ playing is a delight and I’d like to have heard a lot more of it on Monday. He has his own trio, which I’m guessing gives him a chance to put the keyboards through their paces and I’d quite like a chance to see that. There was plenty of the Hammond sound I can’t resist.

That was pretty grouchy, but I do know how lucky I was to make it again – last week I missed the great Alan Barnes and I’m still regretting that. The week before I had another chance to see Art Themen.

This is still the best jazz venue in London – the best music, the friendliest, most intimate and best sounding way to banish the winter blues in this town.

Neil Harris

(a don’t stop till you drop production)
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