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And in case you wonder why I Blog it’s because Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey sent me home with a broken and displaced ankle for a week.
Every so often I think to myself “Why do I bother?”

This is why – this story from The Surrey Comet on 15th August 2014.
It’s yet another Accident and Emergency story.

Everyone who is admitted to hospital is discharged too soon – often with serious health consequences which is why there are so many readmissions.

When I was discharged I had to fight to get someone to take out my canula – only nurses can do it and there aren’t enough of them.

This patient was vulnerable and he wasn't able to make a fuss to force someone to take care of him properly before his discharge;

A father suffering from hallucinations was discharged from St Peter’s Hospital without his family’s knowledge and with needles still attached to his arm, his son claims.

Nigel Davis, 62, of Windsor Walk, Weybridge, who suffers from a liver condition that sees toxins accumulate in his body, causing hallucinations and confusion, was taken ill on Monday, August 11, and his son, James, 35, took him to the Chertsey hospital.

Hours after blood samples were taken, the father and son were told the samples had “gone missing”, requiring more to be taken.
At 10.30pm, Nigel Davis was taken on to a ward, where it was suggested he stayed overnight for further assessment, which his family did not object to.

At lunchtime the following day, Nigel’s wife visited the hospital and was told her husband had been discharged.

Mr Davis, who lives in Stoke d’Abernon, said: "I went mad at the fact my dad, a gentleman who is confused, was let out. It’s not right."

Mr Davis said his father, who did not have a door key, was taken home by patient transport, and was able to find a way into his home.

Later in the day, Mr Davis said his mother was going to give her husband a bath when she discovered the intravenous cannula [needles] was still in his arm.

Mr Davis said: "They left that hanging through his arm and he’s freaked out because he’s come round and doesn’t know what happened. I rang the hospital and said this is going to be taken further."

Mr Davis said the hospital told him someone would be round within the hour to remove it, but six hours later, nobody had arrived.

At 9pm on Tuesday, someone from Ashford Hospital visited the 62-year-old to remove the needles.
Mr Davis said: "Taking a blood sample and losing it then discharging someone without informing any relatives and then dropping him home without notifying anyone is unacceptable.
"At the end of the day, he should not have been allowed out of the hospital.
"He is at home now because I am not sending him back there; I would rather pay to go privately. In no circumstances will me or my family go to St Peter’s Hospital again.

"It just epitomises the whole system. If you’re unable to manage a very simple, basic process at that level, then how the hell does the system deal with an emergency?"

Mr Davis said in a similar incident two years ago, his father was discharged from the same hospital and managed to walk from Chertsey to Weybridge before the hospital realised.

St Peter’s Hospital chief nurse Suzanne Rankin said: “I am extremely concerned to hear about Mr Davis’s experience at our hospital. I have, this morning [August 14], initiated a full investigation.
“In any event the quality of Mr Davis’s discharge has not met the very high standards I would expect all our patients to receive.

“We have tried to contact the Davis family this morning and welcome the opportunity to meet with them to discuss further.

“And of course we will be sharing the outcome of our investigation in due course with the family.”

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