Monday, 4 August 2014


I was laughing with Robyn about my last Blog entry. I don’t mean yesterday’s, I mean the very last entry; when I’ve got too ill to go on.

Sorry to be miserable but I’ve had a rough couple of weeks; some really bad news (not health but connected) and not feeling well, so you start thinking about these things.

And there’s no point ending up writing something angry or sad.

I was saying that I’d got it written already, nothing special just got it thought out now while I still care.

Why we were laughing is because I use a lot of artwork which is based on everyday font technology; it’s either fonts or images based on fonts. The problem is that on things like smartphones the artwork doesn’t show through, all you get is a great big letter which makes no sense at all.

So it must be very odd for some of my readers; every now and again they get a big letter instead of the picture which everybody else gets.

It’s slightly surreal.

I was saying that I’d rejected a number of last Blogs – one was going to just be ‘Urrrrrrgh’ followed by a big black page, a bit like the end of the Sopranos.

We were laughing because Robyn said that to someone on a smartphone it would just come out as;



Which we both found very funny.

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