Friday, 22 August 2014

Summer Holiday.

It's 5 am, I've had 4 hours sleep and I'm panicking - the car in front is driving at about 11 miles an hour and even slow Neil needs to get past now, right now.
The coach leaves at 0615 am and that isn't a problem because I'm early. I'm in a hurry because I can see a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter high in the dawn sky and I'm desperate to get to Robyn's to show it to her before the Sun gets too bright or that big fat cloud gets in the way.
I made it, just in time, and we got to see 5 (or was it 7?) celestial bodies, all in the sky at the same time;
Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Moon and of course the Earth*.
What a great start to the day.
No holiday this year for me and not the last three years either, so this was a big deal for me - a day trip by coach to the Isle of Wight.
First time at the seaside for three years.
It's all packed lunches, fizzy drinks, biscuits and blue sky.
What more could anyone want? 
That's Southampton where we caught the boat and that's a speedy catamaran ferry zooming past us.

Southampton is a busy port city - this ship is bringing in new cars which line the docksides in great big car parks.

This is an area for sailing - mainly big fat expensive yachts even bigger than this one.

Cowes, the little port on the Island is home to a week of sailing for wealthy people every August.

They're starting to get ready, now.

We got a few hours in Sandown and Shanklin, two little 19th century resorts. There's a beach, a promenade and a pier but not too much going on. 

Then again it was sunny and we were like two Pit Ponies taken up out of the mine and released into the Sun for their once a year holiday in the light.

It's been tough recently so really today was just a chance to spend some time with Robyn.

None of it would have happened without some very special people; Manju who sorted out the carers for me; Rosie, Gurdeep and Ruby who did all the work and some very special thanks to Sharon for coming in for the afternoon.

Couldn't have done it without you.

So what did we get up to?

Check it out tomorrow, meanwhile if you click on any photo, you'll get better quality pictures in a slideshow.
* Those seven celestial bodies?
Earth, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Sun, Robyn and Neil.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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