Saturday, 23 August 2014

How do you like Shanklin?

                           I don't know, I never shankled.


This is actually Sandown and it's our last view as we got on the coach to leave......which was sad.....but we did a lot before then.
We walked in the sand holding hands, ate chips, sat on the end of a pier, looked in souvenir shops full of rubbish and bought sticks of rock.
That sort of thing.
On the other hand, this is real treasure - emeralds and pearls stolen from King Neptune himself. 


It's 'Seaglass'; pieces of broken bottles, vases, pottery and plates thrown onto the beach and ground down by the slow washing of the sea until the edges are smooth and the surface turns into a beautiful pearlescent mist - jewels of the sea.

Sea glass is old - man made items preserved briefly before they vanish. I collected some from St. Ives that are very old indeed - I'll do a piece on them soon.

These are younger and rougher but full of the romance of the sea all the same.

For romance how about 'N + R xxx' in a heart?

We had some icecream too;

Just before we got on the coach to leave.

How about this for saving time for the busy tourist;

And it doesn't lie - the machine will 'draw' your portrait; "Far less expensive than the price of a masterpiece".

You can't argue with that.

When we were back on the boat we couldn't believe how fast the day had gone and as we watched the island slip away into the distance we watched great sheets of rain falling - where it had been so fine.

Back to all our problems, back to real life.

This photo is copyright Robyn G. May as my poor old camera couldn't cope.

Great rays of sunshine pouring through dark cloud.

A wonderful day and I got to do my injection on a boat - didn't go so well with the waves though.

Tomorrow, I've been lucky enough to persuade Journalist and Broadcaster Robyn G. May to write a special guest page for me.
Hopefully the first of many.
 Click on a picture for better quality.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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