Thursday, 28 August 2014

Goofing about with Robyn and Lucy.

Tuesday night we took in a movie and as it's bargain night in Feltham, we just walked in and took a chance.

Choosing wasn't so simple but we knew we didn't want to see a film where the star was either a fox with a machine gun or a storm.

We ended up watching 'Lucy' because we drew lots but it was only when the credits came up that I realised it was by the stylish Luc Besson; epic Hollywood but with strong French values too. I like his work.

Lucy is tricked into delivering a suitcase; the violent gangsters who kidnap her implant a bag of drugs in her stomach - the bag bursts and the overdose allows her to use the parts of her brain that we never normally utilise.

Massive and impressive computer generated graphics, violent battles, stunning car chases and a bit of French pseudo intellectual posturing.

What more could any one want?

I'm being unfair; it's a thriller that makes you think even if I found it difficult to fully suspend my disbelief.

Goofing about?

As usual we made exhibitions of ourselves.

We ended up joking with teenagers, laughing hysterically in the car park, being watched by strange men, eating ice cream and debating which superpowers we would have, if only we'd found ourselves in different circumstances.

In my case I decided that I would have chosen the power of flight, except that being scared of heights I would probably be the only super hero unable to use his super power.


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