Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Thanks, Swift-Tuttle.

So today, Tuesday, I went back to Oncology.

I'm out of Data (no broadband) and I'm out of order by about three days on the Blog but hey! Who cares?

It was OK.

Forget median survival rates (my cancer always shrugged them off).

I'm nearly at the max on this drug, so expensive I
only get it thanks to the Cancer Drug fund.

I have another month, well 28 days to be precise.

What do you do when you got another 28 days?

Me and Robyn, kitted up (folding chairs, a blanket, lager, a cigar, a clockwork torch and a smart phone) headed out to watch The Perseids, the dust left behind when comet Swift-Tuttle passed this way some time in the ice-cold past of the galaxy.

No big deal? No way, it means that at this time of year every August we get a fireworks display of shooting stars if we are lucky.

This was never going to be a lucky year - there's a big fat harvest moon - not only a full moon but a 'supermoon' when the moon is at it's closest to Earth.

At 8 pm we were sat in McDonalds eating an icecream and watching it rain.

Then we drove around looking for a spot - if it had been a good year I'd have driven to the South Downs for my last display but it was cloudy.

In the end we parked up at historic Ankerwycke where The Magna Carta was signed.

When it got 'dark' (it didn't thanks to the moon) we sat out in the cold and waited. Actually, as I got out of the car I caught site of a really low, fizzing grazer.

We missed all the little ones, couldn't see them but we saw a handful of the biggest so there were a few Oohs and Aahs.

A perfect end to a day that could have gone really badly. This time next year I won't care about this but I've watched those meteorites all my life.

Nice to say goodbye.

Now 28 days, lets give you something to remember us by.

Neil Harris
( a don't stop till you drop production)


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The main stream is over but if you look up tonight, if it's clear, you might see some stragglers. I may chance it too.

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