Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Viva a Vida.

I took this photo last week, sailing into east Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

The last month has been really, really hard - for legal and tactical reasons I can't go into what happened to me - but I will!

I don't believe in letting people who do bad things get away with it.

And I've been ill. Whatever.

Woke up it was a Chelsea morning
and the first thing that I heard

Was a song outside my window, and the traffic wrote the words

It came a-reeling up like Christmas bells, and rapping up like pipes and drums


Oh, won't you stay

We'll put on the day

And we'll wear it 'till the night comes


Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning, and the first thing that I saw

Was the sun through yellow curtains, and a rainbow on the wall

Blue, red, green and gold to welcome you, crimson crystal beads to beckon
Joni Mitchell - Chelsea Morning.

'Live Life' - that's the secret.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)


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