Wednesday, 6 August 2014


On Monday, Robyn and me went down to Maidenhead on The River Thames. I was there back in March when the leaves were just coming out and there was a sharp chill in the air still.

Today the river was warm and slow moving, full of idle pleasure boats and we watched them passing through Boulters lock in the sun. 

Then we spent a happy hour or so on Ray Mills Island watching the fountains and the great weir which slows the mighty river here;

Children played, birds sang, we had an ice cream.

There's the earliest example of a public phone box on the island;

First used in 1921 and installed on the island in 1926 the model was known by the Post office as 'Kiosk Number 1' and this one was there until 1979 when the owners bought the neglected and derelict box to restore it to it's present fine state.

My poor old camera was suffering today - I wasn't in the best of moods. I marvelled at Robyn's smart phone - a better phone than Kiosk number 1, a better camera than mine, a more powerful computer than the Apollo moon missions had.

Before we knew it we were late and I had to rush away. The afternoon was over before it had begun. 

I'm a carer and there are few enough carefree moments like this one sitting in a garden by the river with Robyn.

Eating icecream in the sun and forgetting about things.

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