Saturday, 16 August 2014


Friday, 15 August and this is the front gate to 'Grow Heathrow', which is the protest site in Sipson, Heathrow.

It's been there the last four years, a permanent home built on the derelict and heavily polluted site of an old Market Garden smack in the middle of the airport's first choice for a new runway.

In some ways they won - this isn't currently planned to be the runway although us locals have been lied to by the airport and by governments so often that we don't trust them.

But it's not just a protest against the airport expansion. It's meant to provide a sustainable alternative to concrete and profits. It's an example of what could be if only we make it so.

The landlord thinks otherwise - he's looking at turning a piece of waste ground into a multi million pound development, now that the runway has moved on a bit.

So there was a threat that the bailiffs would come in at 8-00am and that's why the site is packed with supporters from all over the country.

I've avoided putting people on here as it may become an issue when the Police become involved.

When I got there the threat was over, although as I warned them, this letter was just an opening shot.

They will wait and they will be back.

In the meantime I was given a guided tour; there are raised beds with beautiful vegetables, corn swaying in the breeze and runner beans in flower.

Herb gardens and fruit.

The old glasshouses are now meeting places and kitchens, and there are artists studios and workshops. There is a communal bicycle repair and recycling shop, a carpentry area and yet more art.

These are the grapes - not yet ready but with a nice bloom on them which is where the yeast that makes the wine comes from.

While the airport has only destroyed an area that was once the Market Garden of London, this is an example of....hope.

And above all there is art - placards, banners and graffiti all products of the artists studio. 
This is a protest that's popular with the local people of Sipson who appreciate what they are doing and the help they gave them in the struggle against the airport.
The local Member of parliament has supported the camp throughout and there is nationwide support and help available.
But the threat continues and I will try to keep you up to date on what happens.
Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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