Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Animal Sanctuary at Dorney - update.

I've been fairly miserable recently, I'm not sure whether it would be right to Blog about it or not.

Anyway, Robyn has been trying to cheer me up - she hasn't got a lot to be happy about at the moment either but we had a great day on Monday.

We spent the afternoon at Maidenhead on the river but first I showed her round the animal sanctuary at Dorney;

This is one of the volunteers showing us around - nice shades, dude. But the sanctuary is serious - we saw a badly emaciated horse with multiple absesses which had been left tied to the sanctuary gate leaving them with huge vet's bills.

We saw the ducks taken in on in an emergency, which had never seen natural light and were terrified of water and people. Their beaks white from lack of sunlight.

What does freedom look like?

These horses (and a donkey!) were charging, rearing, biting and running as though they were real live horses instead of mistreated or abandoned animals.

This lamb was born blind and helpless and ended up at the sanctuary.

I'm not a fanatical animal lover although I hate cruelty - but this sanctuary places as much on care for people and youngsters with special needs as on protecting animals that have been abandoned or abused.

I did a much better job when I last visited - the link is here;


If you are in the area take a look and of course, their need for money is desperate and constant.

Here's a link to their website;


And you can donate here;

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