Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A window onto Charing Cross Hospital.

I'm posting this fantastic stained glass window which dominates the entrance hall at Charing Cross Hospital. It's huge - I can only show you part of it.
As you probably know from reading this Blog, Charing Cross is one of three London hospitals that benefit from the Imperial College Healthcare Charity Art Collection; they beg, steal, borrow or if absolutely necessary, buy art to make these sad places more bearable.
I was at Oncology....again. I was there back in October and the previous month's blood test was bad. With my cancer, things don't improve - I don't get 'blips'. There are no happy endings.
So I wasn't exactly looking forward to going in this week for my 'October ' result.
It was OK.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not out celebrating....this isn't going away. But I got yet another month I didn't expect and there are adventures still to be had! 

This is a small detail from the work - in real life it's full of texture and detail. The glass is hand blown and made up of the most expensive and colourful pigments. I love the way it's a solid artwork and at the same time you can see the bustle of the ambulances in the courtyard behind; it's a living, breathing hospital after all.

It's by Keith Grant and is called 'Millenium New World One' and I guess it was commissioned to celebrate the new millennium.

It's a real thing of beauty and as I was photographing it, people at the hospital café behind were watching me approvingly; people like it which is one mark of 'good' art.

Another month, hey?!
Why not!

Neil Harris
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  1. Hurray! Someone else actually looks at the art in the hospital! The Keith Grant glass is lovely but the stained glass in the corridor as you exit the building at the rear of the hospital has yellow and black tape holding it together - sad, but expensive to repair I imagine. I know the oncology dept well...