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How to listen to Steely Dan.

Since I’ve been ill we missed a surprising amount of good stuff; especially bands we’d been waiting for. Poor old Robyn missed a lot of the music she likes.

Given the different musical traditions we come from it’s surprising that we both love Steely Dan. Enigmatic, difficult, hard (well impossible) to classify. It’s music that irritates most people but doesn’t it sound great?

Of course we were waiting to see the fabulous Stanley Dee at The Horns, Watford; and afternoon of the music of the Dan’s played by 11 high quality musicians with good sound and an audience who appreciate them.

Life can be very unfair.

If I’d been well I would have written a little guide to Steely Dan, just to make it easier. I just can’t concentrate.

Luckily, I found this on ‘Wikihow’, some people have put up a guide to listening to Steely Dan.

How nice is that? I haven't altered it;

How to Listen to Steely Dan Music:

5 Steps - wikiHow


How to Listen to Steely Dan Music


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A whole lot of people like Steely Dan, but sometimes they don't have time to listen to him. If you want to learn how to listen to Steely Dan, with one of the greatest songs of him, here's how.





 You will first need to know that Steely Dan isn't a real singer, it's a band.

The two people, or leaders of Steely Dan, are Donald Fagen and Walter Becker.



Buy some of the Steely Dan albums that you think sound interesting to you.

There are seven of them: 1. Can't Buy A Thrill 2. Countdown To Ecstasy 3. Pretzel Logic 4. Katy Lied 5. The Royal Scam 6. Aja and 7. Gaucho. I recommend you getting one of the great ones, like Pretzel Logic, Aja or Can't Buy A Thrill.



Choose which songs you would like to hear. But what you should do is you listen to one of the great ones, like "Rikki Don't Lose That Number," "Do It  Again," "Only A Fool Would Say That," and "Bad Sneakers."




 Use headphones if the people in your environment don't want to listen.




 When you're listening to the music, try to listen to Donald Fagen as he sings the words.




  If you can't choose one song from one album, just wait!

  Choose your Steely Dan songs and albums as carefully as possible.





Don't pick a Steely Dan song, faster than the speed of light. It might not be the one you're interested in.



Things You'll Need



  CD, cassette or record player



 Headphones (if required from step 4)


 A good album and song of Steely Dan


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I think we all know what we are doing now; just choose your Steely Dan albums or songs as carefully as possible.


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