Tuesday, 11 November 2014

No Lip at The Six Bells,

OK, I'm in real trouble now. I'm trembling in my DM's.
It's a 'Things to do in Denver when you're dead' situation.
Some months ago I was given the new 'No Lip' mini-cd......I haven't reviewed it yet and they know! 
It's only a matter of time....before....you know....they......
It was a cold and wet November night.
In the pitch dark, the neon reflected back at me from the mean streets of Brentford. Leaves rustled in the wind, in the distance I could hear a stifled scream.....was that footsteps behind me as I locked the car?
Was someone following us in the dark alley?
Would I make it to the streetlights, would I make it to safety?

Don't they understand that when I put the disc onto the Dancette Deluxe©, the needle kept slipping - have they no pity?

Probably not, (gulp)


I could go on a course maybe, perhaps I could learn the technology?
Really, I could change.
On the other hand, I just went to see the band, again. This is what they have to say about themselves;
"Right, lets get this straight.
We are playing no frills, straight up honest as you like punk rock.
We don't bother with our own stuff it just clouds the issue, the issue being bringing these tunes back to an appreciative audience and not trying to promote our own half assed take on current affairs, we leave that to the Facefuk generation.
Why not come along to this show and hear full on, heart felt renditions of PuNk RoCk classics and rarities plus tunes to groove to before and after the blistering live set. So tell everyone you know, whether you like them or not and get down to the clash city rockers that are No Lip

Except that Brentford is not exactly as mean as it once was (I could tell a few tales, but I'd better not) and The Six bells is quite a cosy Pub these days.

Not on Saturday it wasn't.

You have to be a certain age to get Punk - that blistering furious rage that erupted in 1976 and never really went away for us.

And we were right.

Ray Davis of The Kinks stopped talking for about two years when he was a kid in the 1950's. He went through the whole range of medical examinations, child psychologists and social workers. They all gave up but in the end he started talking again.

Years later he was interviewed about it and said; "I just think I realised what was coming and couldn't speak anymore"

We knew what was coming too.

And we were angry.

So anyway, Saturday night was punk night at The Six Bells; a tiny Pub with some puzzled regulars and some even more puzzled passers by on the pavement looking in through the windows - I said that Brentford had changed.

But No Lip have a very loyal following who know their reputation for playing a wide range of punk classics, pretty much as they were meant to be played (at the top of their voice and two fingers up to the world).

Always a great night out with No Lip.

I'd go to see them just because they play 'The Ruts' really well....and they were amazing live. There are some YouTube clips that don't do them justice; this is what they were really like.

And thanks for playing 'Complete Control' by The Clash - that's pretty much what it was all about. Now, if only you could learn 'White man in the Hammersmith Palais'......

But it was all there - The Damned, The Pistols, The Clash.

In some ways the second burst of Punk was better than the first but then again there was nothing quite like The Clash.

So, as a matter of principle, I turned up in full MOD gear.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

I would also like to extend my best wishes to Darren Crewe who got two shoutouts of support from the band (I don't know Darren, but I do know his other half Elaine) and they are having a tough, tough fight. They would have loved to have been at The Six Bells with us, I know.

This is an amazing live band and in a small pub it's just perfect.

You can see them yourselves on 29th November at The Holroyd, Guildford and on the 6th December at The Hobgoblin, Staines when they are supported by MoCara, a really good young band I've seen a number of times already.
That'll be a great night too.

And eventually, if I can only get the 8-track working again, I will get round to reviewing that CD.

Neil Harris

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