Monday, 3 November 2014

Tapestry and The Wicked Venetians at The Hobgoblin Rockgoblin.

So anyway, at The last ever Rockgoblin I was passing out under a very silly mask I made for myself and taking pictures through a couple of tiny eye holes.

We tended to watch bands we'd seen before and liked (it's an age thing).....starting with 'Tapestry';

That's Mathew Williams in the middle playing bass. You can catch him back at The Hob on 5th November when he is playing solo acoustic guitar. It's thoughtful, clever stuff.
Not on Saturday it wasn't - it was stomping;

It's the second time we've seen them - as a band they are really getting it together. We both noticed the difference from a couple of months ago;

And then there were 'The Wicked Venetians' - if you follow this Blog you will have got bored with hearing about them from me.
I really like what they do - have a look at their videos on YouTube, have a look at them on facebook.
They came as 'Three Blind Mice' and were definitely the best dressed band of the night....they had tails!

See what I mean?

This is a band who thrive on headlining - check them out if you can and by that I mean I'm hoping there's one last chance to see them at The Hob.

Tomorrow I'll review 'The Lagan', 'Eat the Evidence and 'Cultural other'.

It was quite a night, you should have been there.

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)


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