Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Cultural other, Eat the Evidence and The Lagan at The Hobgoblin Rockgoblin.

Here's 'Cultural Other' at the Rockgoblin;

We like them and they've got rockier since we last saw them.
Then I had a real treat - I was looking forward to 'Eat The Evidence' who combine a bit of Punk with a bit of Reggae (and on Facebook a few other inspirations too).
They are grrreat, playing bouncy, punky tunes and uniquely, just to make me uneasy, they also have a punk accordionist.
I'm gradually getting over it....there is therapy available and I'm not too proud to use it.

There was Skankin' and they get the prize for 'best ever' song (this month) and for making me laugh which isn't so easy at the moment with;

             'Tories shop at Waitrose'

Which is both true and very funny.

Last time I saw them they were more Hip-Hoppy, today a lot more Ska influences but maybe that was just today. You should check them out for yourself.

And then I lost the ability to take photographs of any quality whatsoever when 'The Lagan' started playing. Jenson Nightingale got picked up by the crowd and everything got a little hazy.
The Lagan play punky, folky, Irish music that owes a lot to the Pogues in full flight and party mood.
Those were the days.
But the only usable photo just has half the band in it.
Oh well, it was party time.   

It was a great, memorable night. Although I'm not sure how accurate those memories will be for many.

And the Hob made a real effort for one last time.


Deep Sigh!

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)

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