Saturday, 8 November 2014

The law of Unintended Consequences - The most expensive Conservative election stunt....ever!

Remember a few months ago when I posted an angry piece about how the Conservatives had fixed the gross Domestic Product statistics to make it look as though the economy was doing much better than it actually was under their leadership?

They added the 'value' of the 'black economy' to the figures; that's drugs and prostitution.

It's a problem because it was a one off jump - in the year leading up to an election.

And because no one can know the value of something illegal.....because it's's stoopid.

Anyway it boosted the poor figures and made it look as though the Conservatives had made the economy grow so that it was bigger than when they came to power.

Except it's a problem because the European Community calculates the cost of membership by looking at Gross Domestic Product.

So now the economy appears to be bigger than it is and suddenly we get a bill for an extra £1.7 Billion (that's a thousand million folks, do I need to type out the number of zero's?) as a result.

That's a clever idea - Thanks The right Honourable Tarquin Hoity-Toity of the Conservative Central Office Research Department.

Neil Harris
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