Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Rockgoblin at the Hobgoblin.

Saturday night - We could have been at Ronnie Scott's watching the amazing James Taylor Quartet but where were we?

The only place to be - The last ever all-day Rockgoblin (3pm to 3am) at the Hobgoblin, Staines.

We didn't make the start - when we got there one of the 8 (yes that's right, it was 8) bands were already playing.

I'm afraid I have no idea who they were but they were good and they deserve a picture;

The problem is it all got a bit hectic;

My photos got a bit fuzzy. Actually they were a bit blurry but I'm putting this one up get the idea?

By now I think you've guessed it was 'Fancy dress'. Here's Robyn as Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy;

I came as a Vogon Quantity Surveyor and I had with me about nine hours of Vogon poetry ready for a recital (Resistance is Futile).

I do love a selfie - this was taken by Robyn G. May.

There were some amazing costumes; Edward Scissorhands, countless Zombies and Vampires, someone behind the bar in a 17th Century Pompadore lit by LED's, a headless man, Jenson in a Trojan Helmet, was fun. A very fine way to say goodbye to something very special.

Last ever Rockgoblin.


I'll do the Band reviews over the next couple of days - we saw Cultural Other, Tapestry, The Wicked Venetians, The Lagan, and Eat The Evidence which wasn't bad going.

Eat the Evidence?
Good legal advice that!

Neil Harris
(a don't stop till you drop production)



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