Sunday, 9 November 2014

Fireworks, just in time!

Friday night - that was quite a night. We'd missed our fireworks fix, so we went to the Wraysbury Scouts display, down by the old 'swimming area' at the gravel pits.
There was a big fire - lots of pallets, packing cases and builders 'wood'!

And fireworks, of course. A really good display but I can't do justice to it on my old pawn shop camera (£19-99p!)

We headed home and we were off again to see 'Lord John' who were playing in Bagshot when a neighbour down in the meadows started his fireworks off.

I always run out to see them whenever I hear him start up but I usually miss most of them.

This time he lit up as we were leaving so we crossed the road and had a ringside view. They were terrific - we got a real second helping.

Last year (January to March) we were flooded and I would walk down that little lane to pace out how near the waters were from our house.

Tonight it was all clear - great fireworks. I'd guess they were celebrating too - we made it.

Back then I was blogging the news of the flood three times a day and getting a lot of interest (The Guardian newspaper briefly posted a link to me!) - have a look at the archive if you are interested.

A fabulous display and then off to see a MOD band - what better way to spend a Friday night?
Reviews of Friday and Saturday are coming - I'm a bit behind.

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