Tuesday, 12 April 2016

28 days to rescue Robyn!

We had to go to Slough Registry Office - when you get married you have to 'give notice' and then there's a period of time so that people have a chance to object. It's very official. 

We did a lot of giggling

It was Slough because Robyn's an American and it's one of the offices that deals with people who aren't British. We had so much fun we decided to do it twice.

We both had to be interviewed, which I didn't take too seriously and didn't prepare for. So it's just as well that I did actually remember Robyn's date of birth and a few other things.

Anyway, we'd planned to go home for lunch when we discovered that we had to prove our addresses, which isn't so easy as both our lives have been very complicated over the last few years.

And the Registrar was due to do a marriage at 3-30pm.

So we got back to my car, drove home through the pouring rain and spent a frantic while scrambling through the house trying to find correspondence with our names on it.

Then we drove back - eating Tortilla Chips as we drove.....no lunch for us!

We made it;

So now you have 28 days to save Robyn - all you have to do is get down to Slough and object.

We still haven't sorted out a reception (and everything else) and people are already coming.


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