Saturday, 23 April 2016

Wild deer amongst the Bluebells.

Every year at about this time, we start getting visitors; Reeve's Muntjac deer. They are very small and very, very shy - they live throughout the Thames Valley but you rarely see them.

They only come out when the grass starts growing because then they can hide and use the cover to move along green 'corridors', passing from garden to garden, from field to park and woodland......without being seen.

They come into our garden because it's overgrown and they like foraging.

I've tried to take photo's before but they always got spooked when I got the camera out.

Then today Robyn called me and I got these shots through the kitchen window;

Unfortunately they don't seem to want to eat the grass that's getting out of control - they prefer the bluebells or the leaves on the old willow;

"Now, if only I was a bit taller";

And then I was spotted;

Muntjac are natives of southern China and are rare there. Here they escaped from captivity over a hundred years ago and seemed to like it; further ones have been released over the years and they have thrived.

I love them but they are considered a pest; I hope they continue to get away with wandering through the gardens.

You know we are only a few miles from Heathrow Airport and 15 miles from central London.......and there are wild deer amongst the Bluebells.

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