Monday, 25 April 2016

68000 Thanx with Stanley Dee at The Oddfellows.

The blog just blasted through 68 000, so it's a big thank you for that and then we celebrated with a long trip to see Stanley Dee at The Oddfellows pub in Apsley.

Stanley Dee play the subversive, elegant music of Steely Dan, a mixture of Jazz and rock I fell in love with in the mid 1970's.

There are 11 of them, so it's always a bit of a challenge to get them into a photo, actually it can be quite hard to get them onto a stage.

Here's half of them;

They are seriously good musicians with a full brass section, an array of guitars if they need them, and a full vocal group.

Stanley Dee are;
  • Don Ellis – Drums
  • Mark McCormack – Bass
  • Keith Jones – Keyboards
  • Derek Walker – Saxophone
  • Steve Joy – Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Acoustic Guitar
  • Darren Spicer – Guitar
  • Katie Ayres – Vocals
  • Jen Good – Vocals
  • Amelia Rendell – Vocals
  • Cavan Daly – Lead Vocals
  • Paul Davey – Saxophone

And like the large audience, most of us probably got entranced by the weird world of outsiders portrayed by Steely Dan quite a time ago.

You can catch them again on June 19th in Watford.

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