Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Not talking.

We went to see 'Eye in the Sky' last night - Alan Rickman's last film.

It's a film about moral dilemma's but still achieves a lot of suspense. I can't write much about it without giving away the plot too much but it's very much an Alan Rickman film; thoughtful and serious.

I have a few criticisms but, again, I can't really tell you without giving away the plot.

Apart from that we had a really, really bad day yesterday.

You know when you go and see a horror movie and it's that moment when all the teenagers have been horribly murdered except for one?

Covered in blood, dazed but triumphant, the last teenager starts to stagger home and then just before the credits come up the slasher monster comes back............again!

That's what just happened to us.

All our plans just went down the toilet along with a fair bit of money.

For legal reasons I can't write about it here (so you can guess what it's about if you've been following the Blog).

I always used to say to Robyn when anything went wrong; "if it was easy it would be boring".

Not this time.

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