Saturday, 16 April 2016

One year on.

I'm sitting in the front room and Robyn's making earings;

It's hard not to remember a year ago when I was in the 'Acute Cancer Ward', a place you don't want to end up in, believe me.

I was tattooed ready for emergency radiography and hadn't walked anywhere in a week.

Charing Cross sorted me out really quickly - in the end I didn't need zapping and with pain control and some work from physiotherapy I came out at 11 o'clock at night on a stretcher.

When the ambulance got home I insisted on walking over the front doorstep and although it hurt a was really worth it.

In the weeks that followed I was walking with a walking frame and hurting a lot.

I used to go out every morning in my dressing gown with Robyn and count how many steps I could walk along the pavement.

Just a few more every day....and then spending the rest of the day getting over the effort.

And now a year later we're out looking for venues for a wedding reception!

It has to be said that I'm still a lot more ill than I was a year ago but my back is definitely improving.

Just goes to show what you can do in a year.

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