Friday, 29 April 2016

We've cancelled our Wedding.

We ended up back at The Registry Office - this must be a record.

It wasn't a happy morning.

A week ago we got notice from The Home Office that we had to give 70 days notice instead of the usual 28 so that they can "Investigate whether our relationship is genuine".

That meant our wedding can't go ahead now.

So it wasn't a very happy selfie this time.

I should say that we'd assumed it would be the 70 days in the first place but the Registry Office took a fortnight to give us an appointment, then told us we didn't need 70 days and that 28 days would do.

We booked our wedding, paid the bills, made the plans, told people from the USA to book their tickets........

We also picked June 7th because it would quiet and so that I'd have finished my Chemotherapy in time and I would be fit for the day.

And now we've cancelled it all.

I should also say that we fought our case at a tribunal back in December and won a ruling from the Right Honourable Judge that we did indeed have a genuine relationship.

We now face interviews and investigations by The Home Office and even the possibility that they could try to 'ban' us from marrying. So far, they've stopped us getting married for 18 months.

This time, I may have to get all legal with them, I've had enough.

Well, we've paid out money, cancelled and rebooked but we'll announce the new date in a few days time when we've got confirmation.

And if they ban us?

We may have to marry ourselves.

Neil Harris
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