Sunday, 24 April 2016

The London Stone, Staines.

Once upon a time there was a very fine music venue in Staines; 'The Hobgoblin'.

Sadly, the pub closed it's doors for the last time at the start of 2015; here's a picture from the last night;

That was a very special night.

Since then it's been refurbished and transformed into 'The London Stone', which sells 'craft beers' and has arty chairs.

Anyway, yesterday I walked past 'The London Stone' and saw this notice outside;

Now Robyn often wears a tracksuit and I don't go out without a hat, these days.

So that's both of us excluded for a start.

Now, to make it clear, a licensee can exclude anyone they don't want, just like we don't have to let anyone into our house, if we don't like them.

And 'The London Stone' has security on the door.

But what this sign is saying is "We don't want your sort in here" - and that isn't the same thing at all.

The notice is for benefit of all the 'up themselves' people who don't want to mix with anyone who isn't up themselves in exactly same way they are.

It's intention is to exclude a whole group of people who have just as much right to go to a pub, if they are prepared to pay the outrageous prices charged.

It's the difference between asking someone to leave because they are causing trouble and stereotyping whole groups of people because you are prejudiced against them.

Funnily enough, Robyn and me are probably just the kind of people they would like to attract and after all I'm quite partial to an exotic beer now and then.

But we won't be drinking it down at 'The London Stone'.

And I suggest no one else should while they have this attitude to the people of Staines.

Neil Harris
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  1. Dress codes are in place to prevent a certain type of demographic entering the pub - yes. Since the soft underbelly of being a music venue is now long departed this opens the new reputation up to all sorts and "all sorts" can quickly overrun a pub. Before you know it - you have fights, drugs and various other issues to deal with. This is a one sweep way of resolving that issue. There's only so many people you can employ given budget to keep kicking the fuckers out too. I'm sure you can find a pair of jeans and a haircut.