Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Day out!

I had a tough night - or at least it got very tough at about 0600am. I woke up fairly paralysed with pain, all the time trying to find a more comfortable position and just making it worse.

I've got back to sleeping in bed for the last few nights but it means I don't get a lot of sleep.

Anyway, I gritted my teeth and got up which was very painful

Worse, I managed to hit myself with my back brace when I tried to put it on and that really hurt.

It took me half an hour to get up and walk to the front room to get to my chair. Then, I was just out of it for the next three hours, being looked after by Robyn.

At the end of that I was able to get up, get washed and dressed and out to the car. I drove up to Charing Cross Hospital, drank my litre of water an hour before my scan and got into the Imaging department.

That was all fine but there was then a long procession of emergency patients who (quite rightly) jumped the queue.

The struggle was getting changed and then a long wait in the corridor - I got seen over two hours late and by the time we got home it was about 11 hours after we'd eaten.

I also had the bench on the CT Scanner to get on and if.

It's tough.

My body just collapsed on me by the time we got home but I was filled with an enormous sense of achievement......I did it.

I'm not looking forward to tonight - I imagine its really going to hurt and tomorrow morning we need to go shopping. That's going to hurt too.

Next week I need to get to the hospital for an appointment at 0915 - no time to recover before we leave, it's too early but I'll worry about that when it comes.

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  1. Sorry for your paon, but slow and steady keep on going, just don't stop! Love ya!