Saturday, 13 May 2017

The Wildcat and the Coyote.

Native American Indian peoples have rich and imaginative oral histories that explain their place in the natural world.

Here's one of the nicer stories;


UINTAH UTE: Mason, Journal of American Folk-Lore, xxiii, 301, No. 3
Long ago Wildcat had a long nose and tail. One day he was sleeping on a rock when Coyote came along. He pushed Wildcat's nose and tail in, and then went home. At noon Wildcat woke up, and noticed his short nose and tail. "What's the matter with me?" he asked. Then he guessed the cause. "Oh! Coyote did that," he said, and he hunted for him.
Now, Coyote was sleepy and had lain down. Wildcat came and sat down beside him. He pulled out Coyote's nose and tail and made them long. They were short before. Then he ran off. After a while Coyote woke up and saw his long nose and tail.

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