Thursday, 28 September 2017

Hospital day.

I should have guessed from the amount of pain I was in that my trip to hospital wasn't going to go well.

I got the result of my blood test from a month ago and things have got dramatically worse - so a big boost to the strength of my meds and a review next time around. That's not going to be fun.

I had an agonising drive into town and was late because it took me so long to walk in to the ward. I got my infusion and was then sent over to the radiotherapy department for a spot of urgent zapping of my poor rib, which is really painful these days.

Radiotherapy is on the opposite side of the hospital, a long walk on two sticks. It wasn't helped when I chose the wrong corridor and everyone we asked told us we would have to go all the way back and start again.

No way!

We ended up in A and E to find all the exits locked and had to get a nurse to take pity on me and let us out.

At Radiotherapy we had a long wait, which was fine for me although it drove Robyn crazy. I was completely shattered and just slept.

Then I had problems - I can't lie down on my front because of my spine and I haven't laid on my side for nearly two years. I ended up propped up with foam blogs and lying on a trolley. I was in agony and in the end they agreed that as long as I didn't move, I could sit on the trolley and we did it that way without problems.

I've also got a script for some morphine patches which may mean I will still be able to function as the dose is direct and lower.

Eventually, after a really long and exhausting day we made it home.

Cancer sucks, let me tell you.

But I drove both ways and walked a long way, hung around an waited and got treated.

Quite an achievement.

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  1. When you're in the hospital can't you use a wheelchair? Hope the patch helps.