Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Sydney stole my drug time!

Sydney the grumpy cat spent a couple of hours sleeping on our bed last night - which is a good thing.

Except that she didn't do a lot of sleeping. There was plenty of grooming, some walking about, a bit of preening and a fair bit of staring.

I wouldn't mind except that by the time I get to bed I'm in a lot of pain and I've honed my painkillers to work their best for me. I take the pills as I start the long walk to the bedroom, and it's pretty painful I can tell you. By the time I've got my pillows sorted out and dragged my poor legs onto the bed, the painkiller has just started to kick in. I usually fall straight asleep but, unfortunately, it doesn't last for long; say an hour and a half to a couple of hours. Then I wake up in a lot of pain and writhe about until 0400 when I take a different tablet and get some more sleep, if I'm lucky.

Last night, with Sydney's night time antics, when I woke up and checked the clock I found to my horror that I'd been asleep for just 30 minutes, with a long painful night ahead of me.

Sydney got fed up with us at 0200am and asked to be let out.

I had a long, long night staring me in the face. Lot's of pain.

Thanks Sydney.

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